A little dog and a big journey

I’ve been writing in this blog only in Finnish, but today I’m gonna make an exception. Nora has arrived home (so exciting!!) and I want to show some pictures of her to the staff of Care for Dogs and I thought this could be a good way to do it. So prepare to see a lot of cute pictures of my brand new dog and to read a little bit of her journey straight to my heart & to her new home in Finland . As I’m not a native english speaker there might be some grammar mistakes, but let’s not worry about that. What’s important is Nora. Warm welcome to get to know a little bit of my sweetheart!

Long story short: at the end of the last year I worked at Care for Dogs (in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand) as a volunteer. I spent there three weeks helping out with the dogs, doing things like walking, bathing and feeding them. I had a great time: met a lot of wonderful people and was able to spent A LOT of time with fascinating dogs in every size, color & shape. I have to admit – although I liked them, I really wasn’t a big fan of small dogs. Not until I met Nora.

She kinda stole my heart.

And in return, I wanted to steal hers.

I’ts been five months since I singed the adoption forms. I think it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far! Because finally, after months of waiting, Nora flew to Finland last Thursday. I was in Helsinki-Vantaa airport with my friend waiting for her and her flight partner to arrive. I felt excited and a bit nervous at the same time. When Nora arrived, I was told the flight went fell. Nora hadn’t even peed in her carrier and it was over 10 hour flight! She was a bit nervous too, but it didn’t last long.


By the time we reached the train station she was full on energy! She kept sniffing around, wagging her tail and giving me wet kisses.


The train ride to Oulu took around 7 hours. We spent most of it napping.

norski11norski13While waiting for us to get home, my roommate/sister/whatsoever had made a welcome sing to our door. It should say ”welcome” in Thai, but I bet she used google translate, and we all know how reliable that thing is… :–) (and no, our last name isn’t Aittakumpu, we’re still waiting for it to be changed)


The night went well. She met her new friend Varpu, got rest of her ticks removed and took a bath. After that we were both exhausted and went to sleep. The next day we took some pictures together:


And posed with Varpu:


Played with her:


… and ate her bone made of pork’s skin:


We went to do some shopping and bought some real bones & fresh meat. Nora chose her favorites:


In the next two days we met the rest of my family members and their dogs, visited a dog park and spent a lot of time together in general. And today, on her fourth day in Finland, we had a picnic in a park with my friends. Here’s a picture of the two of us:

norkiaSo yes, as you can tell, she’s doing pretty wonderful and is enjoying all the new stuff happening around her. :–) And I couldn’t be happier. I’m looking forward for the next +10 years I’m lucky enough to spend with her.

So thank you, Care for Dogs! Thanks to everyone working at the shelter for taking good care of my little girl, thank you for introducing us to each other, thanks to the people who saved her from the meat truck in the first place, thank you, thank you, thank you! Special thanks to Monica, who has been a big help past few months and to Svante, who flew with her to Finland. Your help means a lot to us.

At the moment Nora is sleeping right next to me, actually has been for past hour while I’ve been typing this post. She’s such a sweetheart, everything has gone so well – except when she climbed to our kitchen table and ate the filling of our home baked salmon pie, but that’s a whole other story.

But now we must go and get our good night sleep. :–)


5 ajatusta artikkelista “A little dog and a big journey

  1. Merja

    Hehheee, määki ymmärsin vaikka oli väärää kieltä! 😀 Ja ihanat sää ja Norppa! :D<3

  2. tilppa Kirjoittaja

    Kiitos äiskä! ❤

    Merja, jee, hyvä että sait luetuksi! 😀 Ja kiitos sulle viimeisestä kuvasta! ❤



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